Why Choose Tulane?

Just as with the technically challenging procedures, experience counts. Tulane Urology has the most experience in the entire region  for management of complex kidney stones that may not be amenable to ESWL.

Moreover, Tulane Urology is the referral center for complex kidney stones cases, such as Tulane Urology is also the referral center for management of complex kidney stone cases, including patients who have unusual anatomy, such as:

  • unusual location (ectopic kidneys) also known horse shoe kidneys.
  • horseshoe kidneys (pelvic) – when the kidney is closer to the urinary bladder
  • etc.

Tulane Urology’s surgeons have also extensively serviced and presented their techniques at seminars and symposia around the world, much of which has had a focus on advanced techniques for managing kidney stones.

Though most stones are initially managed with shockwave lithotripsy, finding a center with experience in ureteroscopy and laser lithotripsy, percutaneous lithotripsy, and robotic management is something you should look into if you are not amenable to lithotripsy.